We provide tailored solutions 

We merge our capabilities across research, insight, strategy, and analytics to give value for your business


Trend analysis

Keep on top of current, emerging and future trends to ensure that your strategy and roadmaps are aligned to external influences such as the evolving value chain and competitive landscape, emerging technologies, regulatory environments, customer trends and macroeconomics. Our insights identify and assess the most critical trends that serve to bolster or threaten your business, and we provide actionable strategic recommendations to help you remain competitive

Consumer research

Gain deep understanding of how people feel, think, act and why. We help you understand the people who determine your business success, how to meet their needs and how to influence their behaviour

Deep dives

Get under the skin of countries, markets, industries, segments, audiences, competitors, and trends. We leave no stone unturned during our research. We provide you with comprehensive detail and insights, alongside both tactical and strategic recommendations to help your business thrive

Demand modelling 

Leverage demand modelling methodologies to predict future demand. We help you clear the noise and focus on what is most important by identifying which factors have the greatest impact on consumer behaviour. Our adaptive and interactive models allow you to explore different scenarios and direct your strategic decisions


Identify and evaluate best practice to help you improve your business operations and build winning propositions, products and services. Our research will tell you how you stack up against best-in-class examples, and help you prioritise key areas for improvement. We can also help you pinpoint what is needed to create a competitive advantage and where white space opportunities exist for you to capitalise on

Strategic modelling and Go-To-Market

Determine the optimal model for taking your proposition to market. Most Go-To-Market activities start with the assumption that the proposition must be launched. We don’t! Instead we challenge the business case through thorough research and analysis. We take a step back to confirm the level of demand that exists and identify the key drivers of success. Our approach focuses on how to bring a new proposition into an existing market, extend an existing proposition into a new market or launch a new proposition into a new market. We help you understand how to sell, including the right message(s), what audiences to target, the best partners and the best mix of channels to use

Landscaping, sizing and performance analysis

Improve your strategic decision making and success by better understanding the market landscape within which you operate. We help you understand the total and addressable market, the drivers or inhibitors of growth and profitability, key trends, opportunities, risks, and the potential for launching a new proposition. We go beyond basic monitoring and reporting to provide detailed insights and commercially-relevant recommendations

Price optimisation

Find the optimal price point for your product or service that maximises value for the customer and profit for your business. We provide robust recommendations balancing customer willingness to pay, profitability and your business’ strategy. 

Product development and proposition testing

Craft the most compelling propositions for the customers you most need to reach. We strategically develop and refine your products, services and propositions in the context of your market, competition and portfolio. Our rigorous approach to proposition testing can help you get it right first time. We ensure that your products, services and propositions will resonate with your target audiences before they go to market, providing you with a deep understanding of your customers’ perceptions and behaviours and your niche in the market landscape


Get to know your prospects and understand your customers. Through a statistically-robust, relevant analysis of who they are, what they need and what appeals to them most. Through our research, you will be able you to align your brand positioning to specific segemnts, focus your marketing efforts and reach your audiences with targeted, relevant messages, using a rigorous and data-backed approach. 

Customer satisfaction and user experience (UX)

Identify and prioritise the factors turning your customers into advocates or critics. Our approach helps you explore different channels, journeys and customer segments. By calculating the impact of pain paints and delighters on each customer’s NPS, you will be able to build targeted NPS improvement strategies to turn your customers into promoters

Advanced analytics

Maximise the value you get from your data assets and generate insights quickly. We apply a wide range of analytics techniques from predictive modelling and statistical methods to machine learning and process automation to help you improve decision making and future-proof your business


We help FinTechs develop winning propositions, go-to-market and scale. We also help investors and traditional players identify and better understand key trends, and identify potential investment opportunities or partners

Customer Experience

We tackle our client’s most pressing challenges and help turn customers into promoters. We also provide thought leadership on the most relevant current and emerging trends



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