We believe that companies that generate and utilise in-depth customer or market insight have a competitive advantage. They offer more relevant products and services to customers and are better prepared for external changes. Our Insight services include Best Practice, Competitor Intelligence (CI) and Market Sizing.

Best practice sits at the centre of the consulting tool-kit. Accumulating insights from – and connections with – the best-in-class brings with it a benefit of its own: speed. With a healthy back catalogue of previous experiences, we can quickly get through the screening stage and into the specifics you really want to know.

When it comes to CI, we can help you initiate your CI activities or build upon your existing capabilities. Clients engage KAE when they need to go beyond tracking headlines or published price lists and really get under the skin of their competitors. Every challenge is special; each response is unique.

Market sizing and the allocation of resources between markets or within them (for example by vertical) often requires an objective analysis of the potential – i.e. the ‘size of the prize’. Using definitions that you use and are familiar with, we provide a robust analysis which integrates internal data (for example your sales metrics) with external information covering the market.

At KAE, we pride ourselves on the commerciality of our output. We are comfortable working in any combination of words, pictures and numbers, delivering what you need either off- or on-line. These can be delivered in the form of reports, presentations, infographics or ‘play books’.