Analytics involves the interrogation of data, in order to provide you with inputs that inform, or transform, your marketing strategy. To give you a competitive edge, KAE can help you discover and communicate purposeful patterns in data.

We primarily specialise in Pricing, Proposition Refinement and Segmentation, providing you with commercially robust, fact-based deliverables to help you communicate clearly with your stakeholders.

Pricing has an immediate and obvious impact on the bottom line. As a result, companies often look to price changes as a fast and effective way to increase profits. We are experts in pricing strategy and using research to support key decisions.

Proposition refinement can help you address business questions, with a clear understanding of your market, competition and portfolio. Our dedicated team can assist you in answering the questions that resonate with the challenges you are facing.

Most segmentations start with a need within your business to understand the market you operate in and the ability to identify which customers to focus on. We are experts in grouping customers and measuring their potential value to you.

We work with a range of clients, and the reason they trust us is because we don’t push any one particular methodology or black-box approach.