Partner announcement

KAE announces partnership with NEW & Company, expanding both business’s ecosystems and providing more value to clients

KAE, the strategic marketing and trend consultancy, is proud to announce its partnership with NEW & Company, the innovation and growth business.

Through this partnership, KAE and NEW & Company clients will be able to access and benefit from both businesses’ unique services, capabilities, expertise and networks.

KAE is a London based consultancy with a global heritage that provides bespoke evidence-led insight, analysis and strategic recommendations to some of the world’s largest and most forward thinking brands. Its services range from offering traditional quantitative and qualitative research to providing strategic advice on high profile and high stake business decisions.

NEW & Company is a Norwegian based innovation and growth business that helps both Nordic based and international companies discover new business opportunities and scale these to thrive in the marketplace.

This partnership will also provide KAE clients with access to NEW Labs, an artificial intelligence firm which is part of NEW & Company.

Chris Holmes, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales & Marketing at KAE said “We are excited to formally announce our partnership with NEW & Company. Through this partnership, we will be able to offer our clients greater value via an extended team that has a proven track record in building innovative and disruptive solutions for the digital age. This is alongside providing direct access to some amazing innovative start-ups. This partnership will also help further accelerate the innovation curve for our established and scaling clients. This partnership reflects KAE’s continued focus on inspiring bold change and providing our clients with access to world leading services and exceptional people.”

Tore Totland, Co-founder & CEO of NEW & Company said “NEW is proud to present KAE as a partner and combine both businesses’ expertise for the mutual benefit of our clients. Through KAE’s world-leading payment knowledge and global capabilities, they have a clear ability to scale our transaction-based start-ups globally and optimise entry into new or existing markets through their analytics and insights. We really look forward to the collaboration!”

This partnership is part of KAE’s wider service ecosystem that provides its clients with access to partners that can provide high impact and value laden services.

For more information, please contact:

Chris Holmes - SVP KAE

Chris Holmes, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales & Marketing


Phone: +44(0) 207 969 3368