The NHS Patient Experience

The latest infographic by KAE on patient experience, painpoints and pathways to improvement...

The UK’s National Health Service was recently unveiled as the best, safest and most affordable healthcare system according to a thinktank survey across 11 countries, including Australia, the US and the Netherlands. Despite the NHS coming out on top, we decided to delve deeper into the patient experience to find out where there could still be room for improvement.

Key findings include:

  • Patients were most satisfied with the Consultation stage (76.4%); impact of Consultation on overall satisfaction was 18.3%
  • Patients were least satisfied with Booking an Appointment through the NHS (68%); impact of Booking an Appointment on overall satisfaction was 9.3%
  • Patient care has the highest impact on overall satisfaction (18.6%)
  • Leaving: The highest potential uplift in satisfaction (+7.5) could be realised if the top 3 painpoints experienced by patients are addressed:
    • Information received
    • Options for a follow-up appointment
    • Assistance to get home

Take a look at KAE’s Patient Experience Infographic:

Patient Experience inforgraphic