Taking The Lead With CX in 2018

12 key lessons from events last year to drive CX change in 2018 and beyond

Customers sit at the core of every business and as customer expectations are increasingly centred around levels of transparency and immediacy, businesses are turning their attention towards customer experience (CX) as a key competitive advantage.


Throughout 2017, CX was a talking point across the B2C and B2B spaces. We witnessed companies invest in and revise their customer experience strategies and across various industries, conventional practices were being challenged. From steps taken to leverage IoT to improve insurance services, to the use of AI to help reshape the shopper experience, 2017 was a year paved with many interesting milestones! Not only do they shed light on the good and bad CX practices, but they have also drawn our focus to 12 key leadership lessons to help drive CX change.


12 Key Lessons for 2018

As we move into 2018, it is important to focus on the future to refine and improve CX strategies, but equally as important to start with what we can learn from last year. We take a whistle-stop tour through key events in 2017 to help businesses take the lead with CX in 2018:

  1. Communicate with Customers
  2. Challenge Conventions
  3. View Technology as an Enabler
  4. Unite Leadership
  5. Build on Amazing Concepts
  6. Bank on your Customers
  7. Keep Customers ‘Appy
  8. Adapt or Be Adapted
  9. Excel at CX (regardless of industry)
  10. Businesses are Customers Too
  11. Learn from Retailer Tactics
  12. Pinpoint Painpoints


Download the full piece below, with leadership lessons from guest contributor Haydn Bratt, who is passionate about inspiring teams to deliver exceptional CX:


Leadership_Taking the Lead with CX in 2018




This piece was compiled by Jessica Hart and Jessica Sparkes, two members of the Customer Experience team at KAE dedicated to inspiring bold change and elevating CX change.

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