Vantage: Aire

Tell us more about Aire! What makes your company and your vision unique? What is the main customer need Aire aims to address? Access to credit underpins so many of our life choices: renting a car, educating ourselves, buying a house – all of these rely on credit. But unfortunately, as our ways of living become more complex (multiple income streams, frequent job moves, relocations) the ability for the traditional credit bureau to keep pace with us, lessens. This isn’t the consumer’s fault, it’s a failure of an outdated credit…READ MORE

2 Jun 2020

Using psychological principles in the customer journey

Corporations have a long history of applying psychological principles to make their marketing more effective. Fast food brands are famously associated with the colours red and yellow, which are commonly believed to make consumers feel hungrier and to stimulate positive emotions. There are solid psychological reasons, too, behind the popularity of adverts featuring smiling, attractive people: the emotional contagion effect makes consumers feel more at ease when they see these images, and therefore more comfortable in making big purchases. Much criticism has been levelled at organisations that exploit psychological tricks to…READ MORE

4 May 2020

Credit scoring: Going alternative When assessing applicants’ financial reliability, lenders globally have traditionally relied on a limited range of data sources. In the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Germany, creditworthiness is determined primarily based on credit scores provided by large credit reporting agencies (e.g. Experian, Equifax, SCHUFA). These scores are typically based on the applicant’s recent bank account and payment history, and his/her borrowing and repayment activity, with approval and the terms of the loan, including the loan amount and interest rate, closely tied to the applicant’s credit score. Some other countries, including…READ MORE

4 May 2020

How AR has evolved to play an important role in CX?

Augmented reality (AR) is the blend of the real world and interactive digital elements, and while sounding like something from science fiction, it has become an increasingly common part of retail experiences in recent years. While in the past AR technology had a bad reputation as something that was shoehorned into marketing and customer experiences without fully being thought out – think Jack Daniels transforming their bottles into a pop-up story book explaining their manufacturing process or Chiquita, the banana company, using AR to boast about their sustainability credentials –…READ MORE

27 Apr 2020