Recap: FINTECHMATTERS Summit 2018

The 2018 FINTECHMATTERS Summit in Vienna brought together incumbent banks, insurers, aspiring start-ups, FinTech associations and accelerators as well as a range of industry experts, united by a common area of interest: FinTech. Amongst a range of interesting sessions, I also had the opportunity to speak on a panel with UNIQUA, Commerzbank and F10 on what KAE sees as the big trends for the next 10 years in FinTech. During the two-day event, we discussed a wide range of topics, inspired by recent trends shaping the European FinTech scene. Most…READ MORE

29 Nov 2018

News: The FinTech Feed

Last week saw some of Europe's most prominent digital-only banks make expansion plans into new products and geographies...    READ MORE

25 Nov 2018

Does emotional intelligence make you stronger?

In a fast-paced world pervaded by Artificial Intelligence (AI), where anything ‘fully-digital’ is typically associated with better efficiency and performance, believing that emotions and human relationships are crucial to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX) might seem counterintuitive. It is not hard to understand that some customers, especially from certain age groups, feel more at ease talking with a human rather than to a machine, however, it might be more difficult to believe that being able to identify and manage our own emotions and others’ is the key. The ability…READ MORE

21 Nov 2018