Lesson 2: You don’t always need to wow your customers to drive brand advocacy

If you work in customer experience, you’re probably used to seeing article headlines such as…   "Creating a 'World-Class' Customer Experience" "Consumers Expect a Stellar Customer Experience" "What it takes to provide best-in-class customer experience"[1] Is striving for exceptional customer experience the correct strategy? We think not in all cases. Of course, there are brands for which exceptional customer experience is core to their value proposition – brands such as American Express and Disney are good examples. These brands differentiate themselves by going above and beyond in experience, as discussed…READ MORE

7 Aug 2019

News: The FinTech Feed

Last week saw Revolut launch a fee-free stock trading service, two new ATM withdrawal technologies from OCBC Bank and Caixabank and Co-op's 'cashierless' shopping solution. MORE

5 Aug 2019

Vantage: Apiax

Tell us more about Apiax, including what makes the company and its vision unique! We’re a (growing!) group of digital-first compliance geeks and our mission is to make compliance easy, lean and efficient again. Our goal is to empower financial institutions to master regulatory complexity and to finally focus on business development again. What makes us unique is our team. We have an exceptionally talented and experienced team of professionals with a wide network and complementary skills in technology, legal & compliance, product management, marketing and sales. We are techies…READ MORE

31 Jul 2019

News: The FinTech Feed

This week's round-up of FinTech news features Whatsapp, ING, soCash and MoneyLion! MORE

30 Jul 2019