FinTech responds to the pandemic: Supporting businesses The current COVID-19 outbreak is starting to take its toll on the global economy, with small businesses and self-employed individuals being heavily impacted. Whilst many governments around the world have been reactive in developing and implementing initiatives to help small businesses and the self-employed, these can sadly take some time to come into force. Thankfully, some financial services providers have been proactive and quick to respond to the realities of the current pandemic. Below we highlight a collection of examples of how the industry is supporting small businesses and…READ MORE

16 Apr 2020

FinTech health check: Covid-19 The current pandemic sweeping through most of the world has wreaked havoc in most areas of the economy as well as our personal lives. As schools and businesses gradually shut down, governments plead for people to stay home to contain the spread of Covid-19. With the virus showing no sign of going away, countries could remain on lockdown for many months to come. However, as is the case with every change, among the many challenges, the pandemic might provide some industries with an opportunity. As we minimise personal contact,…READ MORE

26 Mar 2020

e-Currencies – a potential success story? Central bank digital currencies (CBDC) have been a talking point for many years since the boom of private e-currencies. A few countries have been tentatively testing the currencies, which more recently have started reaching fruition.   But what is a CBDC?   CBDCs are a digital form of fiat money. Taking a step back, it is worth recapping on what fiat money is. The term refers to a currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, e.g. gold, and instead is backed by the government or authorising body that issues…READ MORE

25 Mar 2020

Brand values: considerations for your organisation

In our predictions for CX trends in 2020, we discussed the need for brands to carefully consider their purpose and values, as customer behaviour evolves and brand loyalty becomes more difficult to guarantee. Values should be at the core of any brand strategy and can define and shape the brand’s relationship with its customers. In fact, according to research, 66% of customers think transparency surrounding core values is one of the most attractive qualities an organisation can have. Living brand values externally The UK-based mobile network Giffgaff has built its…READ MORE

23 Mar 2020