IoT and the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is about to be transformed, as the introduction and commercialisation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is turning insurers into real-time risk consultants. Dramatically changing the way risk is calculated, assets are monitored and customer premiums are charged accordingly. While we are all used to sharing some level of data with our insurance company these new services require far more data sharing, including real time information. This implies the creation of a deeper relationship and greater trust between insurer and consumer. This may prove problematic. Insurers have…READ MORE

11 Oct 2017

FinTech Vantage: Anyfin

The FinTech start-up Anyfin leverages AI technology in the consumer lending space, creating transparency and lowering monthly costs in the process. Filip Polhem, co-founder, shares Anyfin’s story and sheds light on the global challenges and opportunities as a start-up…   [KAE] Tell us more about Anyfin, including what makes the company and its vision unique? Why are consumers paying so much for financing? Why is there no simple solution to lower this cost? Anyfin is challenging the high interest rates in consumer lending by letting people easily and quickly transfer…READ MORE

5 Oct 2017

FinTech Vantage: Valoot

The Hong Kong based start-up Valoot is working hard to improve the transparency for foreign exchange rates used on credit card purchases abroad. Ovidiu Olea, Founder & CEO, shares Valoot’s story and his views on what the future of FinTech will look like in the region. ___________________________________________________________________ [KAE] Tell us more about Valoot, including what makes the company and its vision unique? Valoot was originally born out of the routine frustration of not having any visibility or control over the FX rate used for our card purchases abroad. It is unbelievable that in…READ MORE

7 Sep 2017

FinTech Vantage: Stacc

We recently sat down with Henrik Lie-Nielsen to uncover his views and to talk about all things FinTech. Henrik is an experienced investor and the Board Chairman of Stacc, a FinTech platform that provides a cloud-based ERP system to incumbents, challenger banks and other FinTechs. ______ [KAE] What is your involvement in the FinTech space and your journey up until now?  [HENRIK LIE-NIELSEN] My entry into the space began through conducting digital banking projects, back in 1996. We created some of the very first online credit application systems for Norwegian banks. We built the first Internet-only bank in Norway in 1999…so it goes way…READ MORE

24 Aug 2017