How Fintechs are outcompeting traditional banks for the millennial market Companies across a range of industries have intensified their focus on appealing to millennials. This generation is currently the largest demographic in the workforce and will reportedly have $30 trillion of spending power in the future, so it’s easy to see why they’ve become a priority. However, not all industries have managed to win over this market successfully. The financial industry, especially traditional players, have seen low engagement, and with 73% of millennials stating that they are more receptive to financial services from technology companies, traditional banks are seemingly…READ MORE

7 Nov 2019

The importance of personalised travel

The travel industry is facing the challenge of delivering more seamless and personalised experiences. Research confirms that personalisation (where companies target customers with tailored offers and content built on their characteristics) is highly valuable both for business and leisure travellers. Many travellers seek customised experiences that are tailored to fit their travel needs, from booking to checkout. Research indicates that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences (rising to 87% in regards to if travel websites/apps offer personalised experiences), while 69% of…READ MORE

7 Nov 2019

Vantage: Silot

Tell us more about Silot! What makes your company and your vision unique? What do you feel earned you the 2018 Visa Everywhere Initiative award? The name ‘Silot’ is derived from two words: Silo + Technology, meaning that we would like to use an artificial intelligence-driven technology to connect data across silos and make organizations work more efficiently. However, we don’t position ourselves as a technology vendor who sells particular products or solutions to customers. Instead, we are a business partner to banks; we aim to use the different technologies…READ MORE

5 Nov 2019

Using AI in the fight against fraud Financial services providers have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for a range of operations, including credit underwriting and conversational banking. However, one use case that has emerged as a priority for the industry is linked to the better management and prevention of fraud. Reports of fraudulent activity in 2019 have been all too familiar, including the news of Metro Bank falling victim to a new type of SS7 hacking which intercepts the text message used for 2-factor authentication and more recently, investigations into N26 by German…READ MORE

23 Oct 2019