Mobile’s mission to conquer in-store payments

Global Commercial Cards & Payments Summit 2017

Opportunities, roadblocks & watch outs in commercial payments

Commercial Cards & Payments Summit Europe 2017

Arnaud Le Saouter, SVP, and Shona Sabah, Consultant, attended this year's Summit in London and focused on the future of FinTech

The Payments Ecosystem: A Brave New World

Arnaud Le Saouter shares his takeaways from MPE and his thoughts on the payments landscape (and merchant acquiring) in the future

The Digital Lending Landscape

Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia emerge as the Digital Lending Innovators

CPI Global Commercial Cards & Payments Summit 2016

Arnaud Le Saouter shares highlights from this year’s Summit held in New York

The winds of change buffet cross-border payments

Will they prove to be headwinds or tailwinds for both traditional and new providers of cross-border payment services? An article by Chris Holmes and Martina Oehri, first published on GTNews

Who will win the battle to become Europe’s FinTech capital?

Germany (Berlin), Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris) or will the U.K. and London retain its crown?

Commercial Payments under the Scrutiny of New Technology

A KAE Thought Piece, as profiled in the B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-invoicing Guide 2016 by The Paypers

Shining the spotlight on Italy

Cash is still very much king, but new payment solutions are gradually being adopted

The Potential Impact of Brexit on the British FinTech Space

We take a look at some of the claimed pros & cons of Brexit

CPI Asia-Pacific Summit 2016

Chris Holmes shares his highlights from the Asia-Pacific Commercial Cards & Payments Summit

Shining the spotlight on the
Asia-Pacific region

Regulations and new market entrants are challenging traditional players across Asia-Pacific

KAE Digital Banking Study 2016

We conducted a multi-market Digital Banking Study to understand the global trends within this space.

Featured in POSitivity…

Arnaud Le Saouter shares his views on modern acquiring and B2B card payments.

CPI’s Europe Commercial Cards & Payments Summit 2016

Chris Holmes shares some of the highlights from the 2016 Commercial Payments International (CPI) Europe Summit and looks forward to speaking at the Asia-Pacific Summit

Merchant Payments Ecosystem

We enjoyed speaking at MPE, February 16-18 2016


‘The Interchange Debate’ Panel

Chris Holmes shares some observations from the 2015 Commercial Payments International (CPI) Global Commercial Cards & Payments Summit

Digital Disruption

Why do Big Firms not know how to Manage for it? By Keith Jopling

Challenging conditions in UK retail for Islamic Finance

This whitepaper provides an overview of recent trends, the theoretical market opportunities, barriers and drivers to Islamic Finance in the UK Retail Market

Laying claim to the CIO crown

Why insights professionals, not IT people, are the real ‘chief information officers’. By KAE’s Keith Jopling

Exploring Content Discovery

What does discovery mean and what can content providers do to really convert discovery into moving user experiences?

Power Play

Keith Jopling explores the current pain points for developers and how solutions might come soon.

“Keeping everyone appy”

Keith Jopling delves into the dilemma of the modern app platform marketplace.

“Netflix: a singular vision”

Now that Netflix has stated its intentions simply, maybe it’s time for other firms to do the same thing.

Citizen Science

KAE is proud to be involved in a citizen science project to help cure Cancer.


IBM hope to ease commutes with traffic predicting algorithm.

Crowdfunding far from niche in 2015

200 years of evolution: From the Statue of Liberty to KickStarter.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."

Anton Chekhov