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Core Staff

We are a team of smart, ambitious, hard-working individuals. We come from all over the world, speak a multitude of languages and spend our time outside work doing all sorts of things – our hobbies range from kickboxing to knitting, from poker playing to baking, from foosball to yoga.



Aleksandra Perenc

Graduate Consultant

Aleksandra  joined KAE as a Graduate Consultant in September of 2018.

Prior to joining, she completed an undergraduate course in Geography and Sport Management as well as a Master’s in Economics and International Business at Loughborough University.

During her time at university, she completed numerous research projects which gave her an opportunity to develop her primary and secondary research skills. Her previous work experience includes internships in Poland and a part-time sports journalist role for a volleyball website.

Outside of work, Aleksandra loves watching sports and has a passion for travelling. She is also fluent in French and Polish.

Ane Unamuno


Prior to joining KAE, Ane worked in the industrial and consumer goods sectors across the U.S. and Asia. In 2008, she was awarded a fellowship by the Spanish government, which included a Master’s degree in International Business and training in the network of the Spanish Embassies. Ane was assigned to Taiwan, where she managed an array of research and economic focused projects. Whilst in Taiwan, Ane seized the opportunity to study Mandarin.

Ane is a passionate traveller and an enthusiastic photographer. She loves cinema and has collaborated in the organisation of the San Sebastian Film Festival.



Anna Pantazi

Senior Consultant

Anna is a Senior Analytics Consultant with a focus on conducting quant research in both the consumer and B2B space to solve complex business problems. She is an expert in deploying a range of advanced analytical techniques to extract critical insights about consumer preferences and attitudes.

Anna studied at the University of Durham where she obtained an MSc in Evolutionary Anthropology. Prior to this she studied Biology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.

Bethany Armstrong

Graduate Consultant

Bethany joined KAE as a Graduate Consultant in September 2018.

Bethany obtained her bachelors degree in business from the University of Edinburgh where she developed her research skills and led a plethora of projects including the introduction of western confectionery into Vietnam.

Shortly after graduating, Bethany worked as an assistant manager, focusing on enhancing her management and people skills.

Bethany loves all things retro, including fashion, films and music and is regularly experimenting with special effects makeup and making tasty cocktails.


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Edoardo Romagnoli

Associate Consultant

Prior to joining KAE, Edoardo worked as a UX Analyst for a newly launched app. In this role he gained an in-depth understanding of how to track and measure data as well as how to interpret user behaviour. Edoardo holds a Master’s degree in International Marketing from Hult International Business School and a BA in Psychology. From this, Edoardo brings useful research insights and analytical skills.

In his spare time, Edoardo is passionate about cooking and discovering new cuisines and he also has a penchant for art.


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Elena Fantechi


Elena has worked on a variety of projects, in particular across payments in Europe and North America. She is also an avid member of the Customer Experience team at KAE, passionate about inspiring bold change.

Before moving to London, Elena worked for McKinsey in Italy where she supported clients across a variety of different industries and she also has experience in fashion and beauty industries.

With a Master’s degree in Management Engineering from University of Bologna, Elena combines her analytical mind with her more creative side. She is passionate about cooking and children’s book illustrations, she loves exploring the city and running in her free time.



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Eva Sipta

Finance Assistant

Eva joined KAE in 2018 as a Finance Assistant after completing her Advanced Diploma in Accounting from The Association of Accounting Technicians.  She is responsible for management of supplier payments, staff expenses, and maintaining accounting records.

Eva is currently studying for a Professional Diploma in Accounting.  She combines working and studying with taking care of her daughter.

In her spare time, Eva enjoys cycling, travelling and trying out food from different countries.

Eva Smrekar

Graduate Consultant

Eva joined KAE as a Graduate Consultant in September of 2018.

She graduated from the University of Vienna with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology before moving to London in 2017 to obtain a Master’s degree in economic psychology from the London School of Economics. Eva’s interest in psychology within business drives her strategic skills and ability to analyse and predict consumer behaviour.

Aside from psychology, Eva enjoys making music and spending her time exploring nature.

Ilhan Beratli

Consultant Analyst

Ilhan joined KAE’s analytics team in August 2018.

Before joining the team he worked for SKIM where he built experience in market research with a focus on the consumer goods and pricing. He has provided insights for blue chip companies across the FMCG and Financial Services industry.

Ilhan studied the Natural Sciences at Imperial College and developed a passion for using statistical tools to solve challenging problems.

Ilhan loves art and enjoys designs inspired by a variety of cultures. He is also fluent in Turkish.

Jessica McAndrew


Jessica joined the Analytics Consulting team at KAE, bringing the skills she developed working as a senior data analyst at a consumer insight company.

With a background in consumer trends, Jessica is experienced in using data analysis to understand the drivers of consumer behaviour and predict future interest in different business propositions. She has experience with a wide range of industries and research topics.

Jessica completed a degree in Psychology at the University of Bath, also completing several modules in French. More recently, she has been learning computer programming languages, including Python.

Jessica Sparkes

Associate Consultant

Jessica is a Associate Consultant focused on financial services at KAE. She holds a BA in International Business Management from The Hague University in The Netherlands.

Jessica spent six months studying in Germany and six months here in London where she was able to apply her theoretical knowledge as Communications Executive for a Business Development Agency. Her work there included aiding clients to reach new audiences, identify market opportunities, and to help integrate clients’ overall strategy into daily communications.

Jessica is an avid gym goer, yoga lover and she also enjoys cooking with health foods.

Josh Barbour


Josh is a Consultant at KAE. Prior to joining KAE, Josh worked for Amazon, where he provided insight to supplier brands. He was responsible for managing a six figure P&L and developed a range of skills, including project management, data analysis and client engagement.

Josh has a BA (Hons) in Business from Bournemouth University, and his degree also entailed a placement at the University of Mumbai. Josh is a tech enthusiast too and enjoys helping our clients navigate the threats and opportunities they face in order to win in today’s digital age.


Juan Zafra

Senior Consultant

Juan works on a variety of projects in the Financial Services sector primarily focused on Spain and Latin American countries.

Prior to KAE, Juan built on his market research experience working for an advertising company and a marketing agency. He started his career as a researcher in the Research Department of Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Madrid.

Juan graduated from the University of Malaga with a degree in Business and Management with the specialisation of International Tourism. He also acquired a BA from the University of Salamanca in Information and Communication Sciences.


Members of Staff

Karim Ben Hassine

Associate Consultant

Karim joined KAE in September 2018 as an Associate Consultant.

Karim graduated with a Masters from the University of Zurich where he conducted extensive research and analysis into 2’500+ behaviouristic experiments across 55 cities, spanning 3 continents. Karim also had the opportunity to work at Colliers International where he constructed long-term investment strategies as well as working in the department of Economics at the University of Zurich.

Karim has lived in several different international cities, including Beijing, Berlin, Geneva and Zurich. He is fluent in French, German and English.

Magdalena Kardasz

Office Manager

Magdalena joined KAE in April 2018 as Office Manager. She has a passion for people and team management. This was clearly evident at Magdalena’s former job where she trained and coached managers at Crussh-Juice Bars to achieve outstanding levels of customer service through employee engagement.

In her spare time, Magdalena is a Criminology student at Birkbeck University and she loves watching criminal movies and reading criminal books, alongside swimming and scuba diving.

Maja Milosavljevic

Senior Consultant

Maja joined KAE in 2011. Fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Serbian, her linguistic abilities have allowed her to work on a variety of projects, with a focus on the US and Mexico.

Maja graduated from UCL in 2011 with a degree in Russian and Spanish. As part of her degree, she spent half a year studying at the University of Monterrey in Mexico and half a year at Moscow Language Link.

Maria Angelakopoulou

Graduate Consultant

Maria  joined KAE as a Graduate Consultant in September of 2018.

Maria graduated from the University of Leeds with a MSc in International Marketing Management and previously the University of Macedonia with an undergraduate degree in International and European Studies.

In addition to the market research Maria conducted during her master degree she also gained exposure in the financial services industry though her internship at the National Bank of Greece.

As a former professional swimmer Maria loves the sea and can swim for hours. She is also fluent in Greek.

Mattias Attbom

Associate Consultant

Prior to joining the Business Consulting team at KAE, Mattias worked in online retail, streamlining customer experiences and increasing advertising conversions by analysing customer behaviour.

Mattias studied Business and Management at Brunel University where he wrote a research paper on the consumer perception of online retailers and its impact on purchasing intentions.

He previously lived in Gothenburg, Sweden, studying Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. He enjoys applying his knowledge to solve problems and identifying opportunities.

Outside of work, Mattias is a keen reader of fictional works from the likes of Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, and Peter V Brett.

Matyas Fekete


Matyas joined KAE in 2016 and he has a particular passion for the FinTech sector.

After obtaining a Master’s Degree in International Business at the University of Economics in Prague, Matyas contributed to the work of a number of consultancies, including London Economics and Kaiser Associates. Besides English, he is also fluent in German, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak.

Matyas is a semi-professional football player and a devoted supporter of Tottenham Hotspur: he also enjoys going to concerts, festivals and cinemas in London.



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Michael Hopkins

Associate Consultant

Michael is an Associate Consultant at KAE.

Michael’s prior consulting experience has included conducting market research for a Not-for-Profit start-up and helping entrepreneurs in Kenya to start businesses, providing him with a valuable range of analytical and interpersonal skills as well as strong commercial awareness.

Michael holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering with Business Management, including a year in industry placement at the world’s largest Electronic Measurement company.

Natalja Sudorgina

Associate Consultant

Natalja is a Associate Consultant with work experience across multiple projects including market sizing, pricing, benchmarking and in-depth industry research.

Natalja holds a BSc in Finance from the BA School of Business and Finance and has extensive primary and secondary research experience as well as qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Natalja is also fluent in Russian and Latvian.

Natalja is interested in classic literature, fashion and sports.

Pawel Saramak

IT Analyst

Paweł joined KAE in April 2018 as IT Analyst and is part of operations team. Prior to joining KAE, Paweł achieved First Class Honours BSc in Media Technology from University of South Wales in Cardiff, Wales, all while working part-time as an IT contractor for a healthcare business based in Wales. From his degree, work experience and passion for IT, Paweł brings outstanding computing skills and knowledge as well as excellent problem solving and analytical skills.

Outside of IT, Paweł particularly enjoys pushing his body to its limits, and is an extreme sports enthusiast – he has been training rock climbing (bouldering) since 2009, and regularly attends bouldering competitions in Poland and UK.

Phillipe Nussbaumer

Associate Consultant

Philippe joined KAE’s Business Consulting team in 2018 as an Associate Consultant.

Prior to joining the firm, Philippe worked in real estate investment, researching and analysing investment risks for potential property developments and has acquired experiences in investor engagement.

In 2016, Philippe moved to London to study at UCL’s Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science. This sparked Phillipe’s passion for the use of technology in combating financial fraud. Previously, he had lived and worked in Zug, Switzerland and in Vancouver, Canada.

Rachel King

Marketing Executive

Rachel joined KAE as Marketing Executive in July 2018.

Prior to joining KAE, Rachel worked for a London Law firm and was involved in managing all aspects of the firms Sales and Marketing.

Rachel began her Marketing career in 2016 after graduating from Brighton University with a BSc in Business with Marketing. Having adopted a pair or rollerblades a few year ago, she enjoys cruising the streets and infusing her own gin.

Rebecca Grant

Associate Consultant

Prior to joining KAE, Rebecca completed her degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.

During her degree, Rebecca worked on several research projects, including a dissertation focusing on autism and personality traits. This has given her skills in secondary and qualitative research, as well as in problem solving. During her time at university, Rebecca worked as part of a team of therapists, and completed volunteer placement in Sri Lanka, which involved working on mental health projects and teaching English.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys yoga, painting and travelling as much as possible!

Shona Sabah

Senior Consultant

Shona enjoys working on challenges where disruptive technologies and business models are prompting market leaders to rethink their propositions and strategies.

Shona’s career began as a research consultant on the Istanbul International Financial Center Project, where she helped to identify and benchmark the critical factors of a successful finance hub. Following this, Shona worked on projects for blue chip companies at a competitive intelligence agency in the UK. Shona holds a BA in Classical Studies and English from Exeter University, and an MBA from Istanbul Bilgi University.

Shona loves spending time in the great outdoors and she also enjoys travelling and creative writing.

Siobhan Wright

Head of People

Siobhan is Head of People at KAE and joined the company in 2018.

She is a commercially focused, pragmatic HR professional with extensive experience of working in a variety of different organisations.

Siobhan holds a degree in Business Studies, Postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD. She is also a professionally qualified Executive Coach.

Siobhan loves being a mum to her two sons, is a keen baker and likes going to the theatre and comedy shows.

Tatiana Hirschler

Associate Consultant

Tatiana joins KAE from the Finance and FinTech sector, having worked at a financial information firm and crowdfunding company.  Her experience includes liaising with C-suite executives, building initial client onboarding strategies, identifying partners and mapping organisational resourcing plans.

Tatiana speaks fluent French and Spanish, due to her multicultural background and placements in New York, Lima, and Geneva prior to settling in London.  Human Geography couples well with her interests, namely environmental and social development, which she complements with working with the Anglo Peruvian Society on fundraising and awareness raising events.  In her spare time, Tatiana enjoys baking/cooking, reading and learning German.


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Tim MacLehose

Consultant – Latin America

Tim joined KAE in 2011 as a Consultant. Prior to joining KAE he worked as a research consultant for FreshMinds; where he gained valuable experience across financial services, FMCG and professional services.

Since joining KAE, Tim has been travelling around the world, conducting extensive market sizing and opportunity studies for both large financial services and telecom clients. Tim is based in Mexico and focuses on the Latin America region.

Vaneshree Patel

Finance Manager

Vaneshree joined KAE in 2012 as the Assistant Accountant. Vaneshree completed a BA in Accounting and Finance in 2010 and started her career with a charity and an accounting firm. She is responsible for credit control, accounts processing, and internal cost management. Vaneshree has recently completed her final CIMA exam.