Blockchain as a new bedrock in supply chain management?

Embedding Blockchain-powered technology within supply chains could hold various advantages for the industry

Vantage: Aire

Aneesh Varma, Founder and CEO of Aire sheds light on how alternative data can help lenders better assess credit risk

Credit scoring: Going alternative

FinTechs are utilising alternative data to develop fundamentally new approaches to credit scoring

FinTech responds to the pandemic: Supporting businesses

How are FinTechs adapting their solutions to support small businesses and the self-employed

FinTech health check: Covid-19

What the current Covid-19 pandemic means for the global FinTech industry

e-Currencies – a potential success story?

Exploring the potential of central bank digital currencies

Top 3 trends in VC investor strategies

VC investors are gearing up for bigger, more strategic deals as the industry matures

Vantage: Barzahlen

Pavlina Popova, Director of Banking at Barzahlen chats to us about bank-independent cash infrastructures

Financial Infrastructure: The FinTech way

What would it look like if you were to map out the infrastructure landscape?

Card acquiring trends in the Caribbean

Exploring some general card acquiring and payment trends in the Caribbean, with the focus on a short selection of markets, namely Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico

FinTech year in review

Reflecting upon the past year, and looking forward into 2020

Status check: China’s FinTech regulatory landscape

China is a unique case for many practices - the regulatory landscape is no different

The future of invisible payments

As payments continue to vanish as a physical process, what can financial service providers learn from other innovative businesses?

How is FinTech enabling financial inclusion?

Underbanked people and businesses are relying on alternative providers for their financial services needs

The threat of tech giants to the financial services space

Will tech giants ever fully penetrate the financial services space?

How Fintechs are outcompeting traditional banks for the millennial market

The race to the top for the largest demographic in the workforce

Vantage: Silot

We spoke to Andy Li, CEO at Silot: the FinTech powering smart banking ecosystems through hybrid AI systems...

Using AI in the fight against fraud

Financial institutions need to create systems that are just as dynamic as cybercriminals

Will stablecoins be able to sail into the mainstream?

Can projects such as Facebook Libra navigate the sea of skeptics to revolutionise the way we use money?

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Status Check: Real-Time Payments in the US

An update on real-time payments in the US and its implications for merchants and banks

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LatAm: The new kid at the FinTech table

Booming financial support and a maturing approach to regulation are helping LatAm establish itself on the FinTech map

The Paypers B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019

KAE’s Chris Holmes discusses B2B cross-border payments

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Vantage: Monzo

We interviewed Monzo's Simon Balmain...

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8th - 14th April 2019

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Payments at the tip of your fingers

The role of biometrics in transforming face-to-face payments

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Digital Banks – Business Models

Different approach, same result?

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28th January - 3rd February 2019

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FinTech Predictions 2019

The future of FinTech... Hover over our predictions for more!

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31st December 2018 - 6th January 2019

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Vantage: Solna

Solna is on a mission to empower a generation of entrepreneurs to turn their passions into profit

Recap: FINTECHMATTERS Summit 2018

Views on the future of financial services as incumbents and FinTechs increasingly find common ground

Fintech Guide For Global Citizens: Payments

FinTechs offer innovative solutions for global citizens’ different payment needs, with other areas continuing to offer significant potential for disruption

Vantage: TicketCo

TicketCo is striving to create a new global standard for all event payments

The Evolution of Customer Experience in B2B Payments

KAE has identified four evolving trends in customer experience for B2B payments

PISPs and how they are improving the payment experience

See. Want. Buy.

Fintech Guide For Global Citizens: Remittances

Fintech is leading the way in delivering better cross-border payments...

Winning in the Middle Market

Industry perspectives on how the industry can best serve and succeed in the U.S. Middle Market

Mobile’s mission to conquer in-store payments

From cash to card to mobile? We take a look at some of the most prominent mobile payment solutions across the globe

FinTech Vantage: iCompareFX

The online money transfer comparison platform

The role of bill payment in restaurant CX

How do new payment solutions ease friction & improve customer satisfaction?

FinTech Vantage: MineralTree

Streamlining the Accounts Payable process

Fintech Vantage: TicketCo

Creating the new global standard for event payments

FinTech Collaboration: The view from CPI Europe Summit

This week payments professionals from across Europe came together for the CPI European Summit 2018.

Cryptocurrencies & The Case for Commercial Payments

What could cryptocurrency really become? Shona Sabah uncovers the case for cryptocurrencies across commercial payments ...

Top FinTech Trends in 2017 & What to Watch Out For in 2018

The Top 12 trends that shaped FinTech in 2017 & will set the pace for the year ahead..

FinTech Vantage: Bud

The technology platform brokering a new deal between people and their money. We find out more from Bud...

What to Expect on the Eve of Open Banking in the UK?

This week marks the launch of the UK Open Banking initiative. Will it have its desired effects and shake up retail banking?

FinTech Vantage: Tide

The FinTech company built with business owners in mind

PSD2: A wolf in sheep’s clothing for FinTechs?

Heightened concerns from the European FinTech community regarding this once heralded pro-FinTech regulation

Financial Inclusion: SMEs

FinTech solutions are creating positive ripples of change within the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) ecosystem

Financial Inclusion: Borrowing

From vicious cycle to virtuous cycle: could FinTech be the key to unlocking wider access to borrowing?

Financial Inclusion: Payments

Are FinTech led payment solutions the financial inclusion panacea?

FinTechs in the B2B payments space

Could disruption in this area be the next big thing?

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