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How AR has evolved to play an important role in CX?

Vantage: Barzahlen

Card acquiring trends in the Caribbean

FinTech year in review

CX Lesson 4: Cart abandonment shouldn’t be used as a KPI

Maria Papp

Why do high yield cash deposit accounts vary so much?

How Fintechs are outcompeting traditional banks for the millennial market

Chatbots – The future of CX? Part II

Creating a successful consumer rewards proposition

Partner announcement

Partner announcement

Successful brands are keeping promises

Nudging customers towards better decisions

Chatbots – The future of CX? Part I

Your Career

Karim Ben Hassine

Bethany Armstrong

PISPs and how they are improving the payment experience

Winning in the Middle Market

Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick – Part III

Vantage: Starling Bank

Sarah Hawley

Omar Hegazy

Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick: Part II

FinTech Vantage: iCompareFX

Global Commercial Cards & Payments Summit 2017

CX in Supermarkets & The Hunger for Technology

Blockchain: A Healthcare Warning for All That Hype

Transparency, Expectations, Strategy

Commercial Cards & Payments Summit Europe 2017

CPI Global Commercial Cards & Payments Summit 2016

Blockchain: A work towards maturity

A global FinTech beauty parade

A Question of Partnership

FinTechs: A Question of Acquisition or Partnership

The awkward party invite?

CPI’s Europe Commercial Cards & Payments Summit 2016

Market Sizing


Arnaud le Saouter

How inclusive is your website design?

Tom Rausch

Five ways great employee experience leads to better CX

Blockchain as a new bedrock in supply chain management?

What will the “new normal” look like for retail?

Vantage: Aire

Using psychological principles in the customer journey

Credit scoring: Going alternative

FinTech responds to the pandemic: Supporting businesses

FinTech health check: Covid-19

e-Currencies – a potential success story?

Brand values: considerations for your organisation

Hyper-localisation: a retail reality that is here to stay

Top 3 trends in VC investor strategies

Financial Infrastructure: The FinTech way

Frances Cavanagh

Vantage: Tink

Robotic Process Automation – AI under the microscope

KAE’s 2020 Predictions: Customer Experience

Status check: China’s FinTech regulatory landscape

The future of invisible payments

How is FinTech enabling financial inclusion?

Vantage: Pynk

Digital-only brands & customer experience: pop-up stores

The threat of tech giants to the financial services space

Gemma Bowley

The importance of personalised travel

Vantage: Silot

Using AI in the fight against fraud

Will stablecoins be able to sail into the mainstream?

Lesson 3: Customer expectations rise with competitor offerings

Vantage: OakNorth

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

James Lawley

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

Vantage: ClauseMatch

Lesson 2: You don’t always need to wow your customers to drive brand advocacy

Vantage: Apiax

Vantage: Breathe Payments

News: The FinTech Feed

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Lesson 1: Don’t use NPS as a single metric

News: The FinTech Feed

Using topic modelling to find meaning in text-based data

News: The FinTech Feed

Status Check: Real-Time Payments in the US

News: The FinTech Feed

Vantage: Elevator Lab

LatAm: The new kid at the FinTech table

The Paypers B2B Payments and Fintech Guide 2019

News: The FinTech Feed

Vantage: The Open Insurance Initiative

Vantage: Monzo

P2P Lending in China: A World beyond Payments

News: The FinTech Feed

South Korea, a FinTech Hub-To-Be?

News: The FinTech Feed

Payments at the tip of your fingers

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

Digital Banks – Business Models

News: The FinTech Feed

Digital Banks: Value Propositions

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

FinTech Predictions 2019

News: The FinTech Feed

Emotional Engagement in the Customer Journey

News: The FinTech Feed

Juan Perez

Making the best of a (potentially) bad CX situation

A very merry customer experience

News: The FinTech Feed

FinTech Guide for Global Citizens: Conclusion

Vantage: Solna

Engaging employees to create magical customer experiences

News: The FinTech Feed

Recap: FINTECHMATTERS Summit 2018

Does emotional intelligence make you stronger?

News: The FinTech Feed

The observer problem and customer experience

Vantage: Blockchain Slovakia

CXC EU 2018

Global FinTech Bridges: Who, Where & How Many?

Vantage: Neotas

Fintech Guide For Global Citizens: Payments

Vantage: TicketCo

Incumbent Choices in Business Strategy


Aleksandra Perenc

The Road Ahead for FinTech in Europe

VANTAGE: MKB Fintechlab

FinTech vs. the High Street: Mind the (CX) Gap

CXFS – Customer Experience For Financial Services

Fintech Guide For Global Citizens: Remittances


CX For Financial Services Conference 2018

Fintech Guide For Global Citizens: Banking

Vantage: Crassula

Mobile’s mission to conquer in-store payments

Mobile’s mission to conquer in-store payments

FinTech Guide For Global Citizens: Intro

Budapest puts on a FinTech show

FinTech Vantage: Brolly

Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick

FinTech Vantage: Credit Kudos

The role of bill payment in restaurant CX

FinTech Vantage: MineralTree

InsurTech: At the crest of a digital revolution?

Framing CX as distinct growth opportunities

Fintech Vantage: TicketCo

The Importance of CX in Business Travel

FinTech Collaboration: The view from CPI Europe Summit

FinTech at a Crossroad: The Development of the B2B Space in China

Cryptocurrencies & The Case for Commercial Payments

How To Fund a FinTech: A Closer Look at Crowdfunding

Top FinTech Trends in 2017 & What to Watch Out For in 2018

Taking The Lead With CX in 2018

FinTech Vantage: Bud

What to Expect on the Eve of Open Banking in the UK?

Mattias Attbom

FinTech Vantage: Flender

Canadian FinTech: Emerging from the shadow of the US?

Black Friday: Stick, Twist or Double Down for Retailers

Customer Experience in Airlines

FinTech Vantage: Tillit

FinTech Vantage: Tide

IoT and the Insurance Industry

FinTech Vantage: Anyfin

FinTech Vantage: Valoot

FinTech Vantage: Stacc

FinTech Vantage: Digital Fineprint

FinTech Vantage: Everledger

The NHS Patient Experience

Getting to know your customers before they do

Customer Experience in the B2B space

The Latin American FinTech Scene

FinTech Vantage: Cygnetise

Behaviour, Perceptions and Differences

Investing in Customer Experience

PSD2: A wolf in sheep’s clothing for FinTechs?

FinTech Collaboration: B2B Payments in Asia Pacific

Labour’s plans to stop the clock in support of branch-led banking

FinTech in B2B Payments: A Case for Collaboration?

FinTech in Hong Kong

Financial Inclusion: The Triple Win?

Financial Inclusion: SMEs

Financial Inclusion: Borrowing

Financial Inclusion: Payments

Financial Inclusion: Savings

The Payments Ecosystem: A Brave New World

New Blog Series: The Road to Financial Inclusion


From regional financial hub to global FinTech capital?

The Digital Lending Landscape

Hola FinTech!

The role of RegTech in the FinTech world

FinTech In Japan: a Case Study Of Kaizen?

Shona Sabah

Natalja Sudorgina

Alternative SME Lenders
Battle On

The Blockchain Conference for Finance


FinTech Growth: Testing the Nordic Waters

The US playing catch-up with FinTech hubs globally

FinTechs in the B2B payments space

FinTech hubs swap competition for collaboration

Ane Unamuno

The winds of change buffet cross-border payments

Global FinTech investment struggles to retain pace

Challenges in Cracking the Chinese FinTech Space

When Insurance gets its hands on Blockchain: Insurtech?

A Masterpiece in the Making for FinTechs?

FinTech Disruption in the Banking Space

Making Healthy Relationship Investments

Regulatory Sandbox

Who will win the battle to become Europe’s FinTech capital?

Matyas Fekete

Commercial Payments under the Scrutiny of New Technology

Shining the spotlight on Italy

CPI Asia-Pacific Summit 2016

Shining the spotlight on the
Asia-Pacific region

KAE Digital Banking Study 2016

Featured in POSitivity…

Merchant Payments Ecosystem

‘The Interchange Debate’ Panel

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Challenging conditions in UK retail for Islamic Finance

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