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Recap: FINTECHMATTERS Summit 2018

CXC EU 2018

CX For Financial Services Conference 2018

Top FinTech Trends in 2017 & What to Watch Out For in 2018

Taking The Lead With CX in 2018

e-Currencies – a potential success story?

Top 3 trends in VC investor strategies

Card acquiring trends in the Caribbean

Robotic Process Automation – AI under the microscope

FinTech year in review

KAE’s 2020 Predictions: Customer Experience

The future of invisible payments

Digital-only brands & customer experience: pop-up stores

The threat of tech giants to the financial services space

How Fintechs are outcompeting traditional banks for the millennial market

The importance of personalised travel

Vantage: Silot

Lesson 3: Customer expectations rise with competitor offerings

Vantage: ClauseMatch

Lesson 2: You don’t always need to wow your customers to drive brand advocacy

Lesson 1: Don’t use NPS as a single metric

Status Check: Real-Time Payments in the US

LatAm: The new kid at the FinTech table

Creating a successful consumer rewards proposition

Vantage: The Open Insurance Initiative

Vantage: Monzo

P2P Lending in China: A World beyond Payments

Payments at the tip of your fingers

Digital Banks: Value Propositions

Customer Experience Predictions 2019

News: The FinTech Feed

Making the best of a (potentially) bad CX situation

A very merry customer experience

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

Vantage: Solna

Engaging employees to create magical customer experiences

News: The FinTech Feed

News: The FinTech Feed

Does emotional intelligence make you stronger?

News: The FinTech Feed

Vantage: Blockchain Slovakia

Voice of the Customer in Retail Banking

Global FinTech Bridges: Who, Where & How Many?

Vantage: Neotas

Vantage: TicketCo

Karim Ben Hassine

The Evolution of Customer Experience in B2B Payments

Incumbent Choices in Business Strategy


The Road Ahead for FinTech in Europe

VANTAGE: MKB Fintechlab

PISPs and how they are improving the payment experience

Ilhan Beratli

FinTech vs. the High Street: Mind the (CX) Gap

CXFS – Customer Experience For Financial Services

Fintech Guide For Global Citizens: Remittances


Winning in the Middle Market

Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick – Part III

Vantage: Starling Bank

Mobile’s mission to conquer in-store payments

Mobile’s mission to conquer in-store payments

Budapest puts on a FinTech show

Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick: Part II

FinTech Vantage: Brolly

Understanding What Makes Your Customers Tick

FinTech Vantage: iCompareFX

The role of bill payment in restaurant CX

FinTech Vantage: MineralTree

InsurTech: At the crest of a digital revolution?

Framing CX as distinct growth opportunities

Fintech Vantage: TicketCo

The Importance of CX in Business Travel

FinTech Collaboration: The view from CPI Europe Summit

Cryptocurrencies & The Case for Commercial Payments

How To Fund a FinTech: A Closer Look at Crowdfunding

What to Expect on the Eve of Open Banking in the UK?

FinTech Collaboration: B2B Payments in Asia Pacific

The awkward party invite?

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