The Year Ahead: FinTech Predictions for 2017

As January comes to a close, we have looked at the predicted front runners in the race to become the hottest FinTech trend in 2017. Despite there being no clear odds on favourite, we will be watching very closely how the race progresses. Click the image below to enlarge. BLOCKCHAIN “The form sheet for Blockchain/Share Ledger Technology has been getting stronger and stronger as many financial institutions investigated and trialled the technology over 2016 to understand its use cases and quantify its value as a commercially viable tool.  We expect to…READ MORE

31 Jan 2017

From regional financial hub to global FinTech capital?

Singapore has been on the FinTech map for some time now; as a ‘preferred gateway into the Asian market’[1], the city-state is regularly ranked amongst the most important FinTech hubs globally. Although announcing its plans to become the world’s first ‘smart nation’ by 2030 three years ago foreshadowed Singapore’s ambitions, few could have anticipated the velocity of innovation it experienced since. Developments within the country, as well as events globally – such as the US elections and Brexit – have reinforced Singapore’s status in the FinTech industry. While rival hubs…READ MORE

26 Jan 2017

Hola FinTech!

Latin America is said to be the underdog of the FinTech Ecosystem, however that might not be true for very long. Within the last couple of years the FinTech industry has exploded in countries like Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. The FinTech start-ups in those countries have created major transformations in the daily lives of their people, governments, and economies as a whole. One trend that will emerge in 2017 worldwide is the real-life application of FinTech technologies. Latin America, through its economic ups and downs, strictly regulated and completely deregulated…READ MORE

9 Jan 2017

The role of RegTech in the FinTech world

The financial services industry has faced new challenges since the global downturn and has been forced to change on different levels. One change we have seen developing over the last few years has been banks deploying new technologies and focusing their efforts on digitalisation strategies, a movement catalysed by FinTech companies entering the market with a customer-centric approach and a focus on leveraging new technologies. With a hastened pace of change, regulatory questions are important for all to address, as compliance lies at the heart of the successful deployment and…READ MORE

6 Jan 2017