PSD2: A wolf in sheep’s clothing for FinTechs?

The PSD2 remains a hotly debated topic, especially in regards to its pro-FinTech stance. Nevertheless, the winds of fortune may not be blowing in the right direction. In recent months, European FinTechs have been joining forces to lobby the European Commission and the European Banking Authority (EBA) to make changes to a proposed technical standard that could, if unchanged, dampen the ability of FinTechs to effectively compete against the incumbent banks. The concern amongst many is that this technical standard will make PSD2 pro-bank rather than pro-FinTech. At the heart…READ MORE

14 Jun 2017

Blockchain: A Healthcare Warning for All That Hype

Last summer, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in the U.S. held the ‘Blockchain and Its Emerging Role in Healthcare and Health-related Research’ Ideation Challenge, which resulted in a flurry of white papers followed by a lot of online buzz around  Blockchain as the next big thing in patient health records. Many have (rightly) pointed out all the potential benefits of establishing a Blockchain network across the U.S. Healthcare ecosystem: Greater interoperability across industry stakeholders Extra security Better integration with the increasing amount of patient-generated data…READ MORE

14 Jun 2017

FinTech Collaboration: B2B Payments in Asia Pacific

Growth fuelled by a fast emerging middle class, extensive cross-border supply chains, cash-intensive economies with a big appetite for cashless transactions, a booming FinTech scene and some of the world’s most innovative banks. The stage is set for automating cross-border payments in Asia Pacific. Indeed, Mastercard is one player that has identified Asia Pacific as cash economies ripe for automation. In March, it was in the limelight with an announcement that it is expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific B2B payments market via its partnership with Singapore-based FinTech Eko-Pay.…READ MORE

9 Jun 2017

Labour’s plans to stop the clock in support of branch-led banking

Among Labour’s policies for the 2017 election is that a Labour government would overturn the ‘access to banking protocol’, and potentially block banks closing some of their high street branches. This announcement comes at a time when traditional banks are looking to respond to rapidly changing consumer behaviour. In particular there is also a need for them to adapt their business models amidst a landscape of fast rising digital-only competitors and FinTech brands. Is, therefore, a policy seeking to maintain the status-quo of branch-led banking the correct one? Labour’s arguments…READ MORE

7 Jun 2017