The NHS Patient Experience

The UK’s National Health Service was recently unveiled as the best, safest and most affordable healthcare system according to a thinktank survey across 11 countries, including Australia, the US and the Netherlands. Despite the NHS coming out on top, we decided to delve deeper into the patient experience to find out where there could still be room for improvement. Key findings include: Patients were most satisfied with the Consultation stage (76.4%); impact of Consultation on overall satisfaction was 18.3% Patients were least satisfied with Booking an Appointment through the NHS…READ MORE

1 Aug 2017

Getting to know your customers before they do

Is it enough for companies to be the best version of what they already are? KAE has discussed previously how companies must balance expectation and perceived performance to address the needs of both experienced consumers and those new to a product respectively. In addition, and as shown below, KAE has previously demonstrated how advanced regression techniques can be used to provide a genuine cross-industry comparison of customer experience perception beyond simply looking at net promoter scores. Click on the image to view full size: We are able to show that…READ MORE

31 Jul 2017

Customer Experience in the B2B space

Investing in customer experience and embedding it into an organisation’s strategy is crucial in order to compete in every industry; meeting clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations is the catalyst for success regardless of the product/service offering and customer base. Expectations go beyond boundaries Although analysis is more commonly associated with the B2C space, customer experience for B2B companies is increasingly being placed under the microscope. Regardless of whether they are shopping for themselves or for their company, customers bring with them expectations around the customer service levels they should…READ MORE

21 Jul 2017

The Latin American FinTech Scene

The FinTech space in Latin America, which started gaining traction in the last few years, is now growing exponentially. According to a recent report by Finnovista, the top FinTech regions are: Brazil with 230 FinTechs, Mexico with 180, and Colombia with 84. As mentioned in the Financial Inclusion Series by KAE, financial inclusion is one of the driving factors behind the growth of FinTech in the region. Start-ups have begun to identify opportunities to support consumers, as well as SMEs, outside of the traditional ways of providing financial services. FinTechs…READ MORE

10 Jul 2017