The Latin American FinTech Scene

The FinTech space in Latin America, which started gaining traction in the last few years, is now growing exponentially. According to a recent report by Finnovista, the top FinTech regions are: Brazil with 230 FinTechs, Mexico with 180, and Colombia with 84. As mentioned in the Financial Inclusion Series by KAE, financial inclusion is one of the driving factors behind the growth of FinTech in the region. Start-ups have begun to identify opportunities to support consumers, as well as SMEs, outside of the traditional ways of providing financial services. FinTechs…READ MORE

10 Jul 2017

FinTech Vantage: Cygnetise

In the new FinTech Vantage series by KAE, Steve Pomfret, CEO at Cygnetise, discusses the future of Blockchain technology and shares his views on what it takes to move Blockchain from a concept to a scalable commercial reality...   [KAE] Please tell us more about Cygnetise, your journey up until now and what makes the company and its vision unique? Cygnetise is a Blockchain platform for maintaining and distributing authorised signatory lists. It simplifies the current process that is carried out by nearly all organisations, alleviating internal operational inefficiencies, reducing risk and mitigating opportunities for…READ MORE

30 Jun 2017

Behaviour, Perceptions and Differences

Our understanding of psychology has advanced significantly over the past century. Certainly, the notion that simply ringing a bell to make customers salivate in today’s competitive environment is now outdated[1]. Businesses should turn to empirical research to drive consumer insights from experts in Behaviourist and Cognitive research. For example, Aaron T. Beck developed Cognitive models showing that our beliefs, thoughts and assumptions have a huge impact on our behaviour[2]. This past research and similar studies should be central in organisation’s efforts to improve customer experience. Only by understanding people –…READ MORE

26 Jun 2017

Investing in Customer Experience

Large companies operating in mature markets, including those within the banking and telco industries, are faced with increasing challenges and pressures to differentiate. With customer retention rates linked to experience, what is the financial value for those companies achieving differentiation through superior customer experience; and what are the risks for those who are leaving this stone unturned? Large industry players, in any mature market have arguably struggled to effectively address and incorporate cost leadership and focus into their strategies.  For those wanting to achieve cost leadership, competition and regulation are…READ MORE

20 Jun 2017