Financial Inclusion: Payments

The ability to make a payment or transfer funds is often taken for granted, yet many of the world’s population are excluded from doing so. This is not isolated to developing economies but is also a hot topic within many developed ones as well. For example, in the UK, the proposed withdrawal of cheques as a payment method (which is a popular payment method, e.g. amongst older generations) could exclude many from the payments system. Banks, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and FinTechs are amongst the players that are creating solutions…READ MORE

27 Mar 2017

Financial Inclusion: Savings

Money is a peculiar thing. Unlike other forms of wealth like farmland and livestock that require continuous engagement with the natural environment and living creatures as well as the help of other people, money can sit in a bank and grow on its own. A FinTech solution trying to upend traditional methods of saving has to answer two basic questions: Can it gain the trust of individual users? Does the service offer attractive enough returns compared to other assets? It is said that nearly a third of today’s global population…READ MORE

10 Mar 2017

The Road to Financial Inclusion: Where does FinTech fit in?

With close to two billion [1] of the world’s population currently classed as unbanked, financial inclusion is increasingly being brought to the forefront of the global agenda. Access to financial services has been improved by the convergence of mobile and digital technology into daily lives, the strides in mobile banking and the pace of progress within financial technology. Although the key parameters for financial inclusion are likely to be different for different countries (and consumer segments), the consensus is clear: universal access to financial services may be some way off, but financial…READ MORE

24 Feb 2017


Only time will tell what will happen now that Donald Trump is President of The United States. Whether President Trump’s economic and regulatory vision will be achieved is unknown but one way or another, the financial industry in the US will be impacted. What the exact impact will be in particular to the FinTech space is still unclear. In foreshadowing 2017, competition between banks and FinTech companies could increase. A stricter FinTech regulatory landscape could emerge, or the FinTech industry could slow down. As mentioned in our previous blog post on the…READ MORE

7 Feb 2017